Many businesses love to have them around to

take care of the rodents  . . . . 


*Courtesay of Stray Pet


 Look out ! Twinkle is giving a warning snarl not to come too close !
 She was in a residential area of the City in 2015 when she was caught with a litter of tiny kittens!
Now she's spayed, of course, and PAF found her a 'country home' while VOKRA (Van. Orphan Kitten Assn) took in the kittens for adoption.


Willow took this gorgeous shot of our magnificent Sparky living near the Ironworkers Bridge on Dec 30th.  We caught and neutered him in 2014.


Herman and Bella on Dec. 27th - from our Lonsdale colony.  We don't know how
old Bella is exactly (9?)  but Herman turned 11 in November. 

Willow took this sweet photo of our girl 'Sunday' in August.  Sunday had a litter
of kittens with her when we caught and spayed her in 2013 near the District waterfront.


Twinkle with her 'concrete devil cat' friend.

Willow's photography again.  This is Tiger near the District waterfront.
Willow does "Pet Portraits" and her website is