Feral houses designed by PAF.
Expertly crafted by Ali Yazman who
incorporated his own unique ideas of
battery powered lights and "cat face" entry holes !


Roof covered platforms on both sides of shelter for food & water dishes.  Feral cats can run away quickly if necessary.  No dishes ever put inside shelter.  Window at front for peeking out !


Latched door swings open to clean inside & fill with warm blankets and catnip !  Shrubbery growing up in front to provide privacy. All stations have wide roof overhangs to keep out rain.


Note "cat face" entry hole in door; 3rd entry hole (unseen) on right side wall facing onto platform.  Base of shelter is off the ground on 2x4's.


Waiting nearby for his "meals on wheels" delivery .  Fixed, vaccinated, dewormed and welcomed by all humans in the neighbourhood as "rodent control" captain.


Some stations have battery powered "push on/push off" lights inside lid for dark winter early morning feeding or night time trapping.  2nd entry hole (unseen) on left side of box.  Food & water left daily by a roster of volunteers, at all stations, 365 days a year. 


Another slightly different design; entry holes at back & side to suit topography of this station.  Slanted roof keeps rain from pooling.  Inside of shelter is bone dry even in wet weather.  In freezing weather, line inside of shelter with newspaper and wool or fleece blankets. 


2nd cat in underbrush.  Weight good, coat healthy, eyes clean & bright. Numbers at all stations reduced humanely through TNR practice.  No fight or bite wounds observed on any fixed males for years.  Cats are fed daily so not causing trouble in neighbourhoods scrounging for food from dumpsters, garbage cans, or coming into homes challenging residents' cats.  

  Treats and catnip left by caregivers !  No feral kittens born at this station for more than 5 years !   Number of adults reduced by 60% through natural "TNR" attrition but remaining cats are healthy and keep rodents down.   Ferals tend to stay hidden away if fed and, if fixed, then the nuisance behaviours of yowling, spraying and fighting with owned cats is diminished.  And the biggest factor - no more reproduction every 60 days!